Carpenter Bees look very similiar to bumble bees, but they prefer to spend their time drilling holes in soft wood such as your deck or fascia board. Carpenter Bees make perfectly round 3/8" holes straight into the wood, and then turn left or right to make channels along the inside.  A fresh coat of paint or stain will help deter them, but there is no real preventative. Since bees can't be treated while they're flying around, you actually have to wait until they make a nest (or in this case, a hole) before you can treat.  The treatment is labor intensive as you have to get a powder into each individual hole which will eventually clog their breathing and result in death. After the holes have been treated, they can be plugged with our 3/8" cork - the exact size needed to fill the hole. The cork can then be painted over or stained to match the siding. Here is a short video showing this process. Click here for video
Cork - 3/8"

Cork - 3/8"

Cork - 3/8"
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Bag of 3/8" cork for plugging small openings - perfect size for Carpenter Bee holes! Can be painted or stained to match siding.
Bag of 50.
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Bag of 50 pieces Carpenter Bees
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