Beige Hot Spice Expanding Foam
Beige Hot Spice Expanding Foam
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Pur Beige IPF closed cell urethane foam expands and bonds in place to seal and stop the passage of air, gases, water, dust, fibers, sound, radon, rodents and insects. Pur IPF was developed especially for pest control; it contains natural scented spices to further deter insects, birds, rodents and small animals. Foam can be trimmed and painted with either oil or latex paints.
For use with Pur Shooter Foam Gun for easy precise placement of foam.
Cannot be shipped by air - ground transportation only,
Package Size: 24 oz.
Signal Word: Caution
EPA Registration Number: N/A
Active Ingredient Used for Control of
Aerosol Propellant Openings that allow entry of insects and rodents